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  • Wagga Wagga NSW, Australia
  • Apr 02, 2024
Contractor General Practitioner | GP Jobs

Job Description

Explore a Unique Opportunity in Medicinal Cannabis Practice in Wagga Wagga:

Are you a GP based in Wagga Wagga interested in expanding your expertise into the realm of Medicinal Cannabis? We have a distinctive and rewarding opportunity for you to join a dedicated Medicinal Cannabis clinic.

Position Highlights:

  • Ideal for Wagga Wagga GPs: We are looking for GPs in Wagga Wagga who are intrigued by the prospect of taking on a few sessions per week at our specialized Medicinal Cannabis clinic.

  • Training Provided: While experience as an Authorised Prescriber or prior Cannabis prescription experience is advantageous, we offer comprehensive training. This includes guidance through the authorisation process and in-clinic training alongside an experienced Prescriber.

  • Progressive Role: Initially, you'll begin with a couple of sessions per week. However, as demand grows, your role will expand, offering a valuable opportunity for GPs looking to upskill in Medicinal Cannabis practice.

  • In-Person Consultations: The clinics operate through in-person consultations, ensuring a comprehensive patient-provider interaction. Patients are required to obtain referrals and health summaries from their regular GP, promoting a legitimate and professional approach to patient care. We maintain a strict no tolerance policy for drug seekers.

  • Billable Provider Number Required: To engage in this role, you will need a billable provider number.

  • Fee Structure: Initial consultations are charged at $200 (level C rebate), while follow-up visits are billed at $85 (level B rebate). Doctors are currently achieving an average hourly billing of $500 to $600.

Compelling Earnings Potential:

  • Enjoy a competitive compensation structure with 70% of billings and a generous $180 per hour initial guarantee for the first 6 months. This guarantee ensures financial stability as you transition into this unique practice.

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