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3 Tips To Attract The Perfect Healthcare Professional

3 Tips To Attract The Perfect Healthcare Professional

Tips To Attract Healthcare Professionals

Finding the right job candidates to fill a medical or healthcare position can be a time intensive learning process for everyone involved. On the flipside, the rewards can be outstanding. Many healthcare services looking for staff find themselves stuck in a cycle of posting job vacancies, going through the process of interviewing, and still not being able to find the right person to fill the position.

Of course, there are many variables to consider when advertising for candidates for medical job vacancies.

Some of these variables include but are not limited to:

  • It may be that your medical job vacancy advertisement is written in a way that it is attracting the wrong type of candidate.
  • It could also be that your medical position vacancy is not Google Friendly and not attracting anyone.
  • It could also be the case that you're not engaging and responding with your job candidates correctly, and they are taking their healthcare job search and application elsewhere.

Unfortunately, not engaging and responding with job candidates correctly is an easy trap to fall into. We are all busy and time poor, and sometimes things just get missed, however if you're serious about finding the right medical candidate for your medical service in any easy and time effective manner, being busy is no excuse.

Looking after your candidates who apply for medical positions will not only result in smoother hiring, it will also encourage unsuccessful candidates to still think and speak positively about your brand in the future.

With this in mind, Healthcare Jobs Hub has included 3 tips below to help you attract, engage and find the right job candidate for your healthcare job vacancy.

3 Tips To Attract, Engage, Hire The Perfect Healthcare Professional

Keep Your Employment Application Process Simple.

The first thing to look at is of course the application process itself. Is it very lengthy? Do your candidates have to upload a resume, and then fill out the same information over and over? If they do, chances are a lot of candidates are going to be discouraged from the start.

Try cutting back your initial application after all, it should only need enough information for an initial screen. You can ask for more in depth information in an interview (and that way, there's less for you to go through for each candidate).

Your application process should also be mobile-friendly, as a large number of applicants manage their job searches from their phone and prefer switching devices all the time.

Keep In Contact.

Another key point to be aware of is job candidates never hearing about an opportunity they've applied for. For starters, not all applications let you know if you're unsuccessful, but there are also a good number that also don't let you know if they even receive an application.

This uncertainty and anxiousness of not even knowing if an application has been received will cause a percentage of these candidates to go elsewhere which can result in a lost opportunity for you.

Something like this can be rectified pretty easily, and with minimal effort.

Email auto-responder for medical field job applicants Setting up an email automatic responder that automatically gets emailed to the candidate is a great start. It shows you're a professional business and means you are acknowledging that candidate for taking time and effort to apply.

Another strategy is to reply to all unsuccessful candidates. This one is a bit trickier, and more time intensive, however it can be done and your candidates will be thankful and remember you for it.

Don't Take Too Long.

Another key point that turns candidates off and leaves them feeling like they are in limbo is when the application process takes a long time. Hiring for any position will take as long as it takes, however you also have to consider the candidate  they may need to give notice, or might be deciding between another job position and yours.

By streamlining the medical field employment process as much as you can, you're not only getting your position filled faster with better suited candidates applying, you're not leaving your candidates in limbo, which they'll respect you for and appreciate.

So there you go. Happy candidates applying for medical or healthcare roles are not only more likely to speak positively about your brand, even when they are unsuccessful, they're more likely to apply for a position with you again in the future, so it's definitely worth taking care of them in the beginning