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Australia's Most Popular Healthcare Careers

Australia's Most Popular Healthcare Careers

What are Australia's Most Popular Healthcare Careers?

Thanks to a growing baby boomer population Australia's healthcare industry and employment opportunities are set for continued growth. With this in mind, here are 3 of Australia's most popular healthcare careers for people who may be looking for a career in medicine or thinking about updating or changing their career in healthcare.

Please note, these medical careers are in no particular order of preference or importance


With Australians living longer Physiotherapists are in high demand.

Apart from the obvious reason that people are living longer this is also due to variety of patient presentations and the fact that  no two days are ever really the same for Physiotherapists. Throughout the day, they could be treating a child with cerebral palsy and on the same day be also training an adult to walk again after an accident. On top of this many people assume that a Physiotherapist is someone who just works with sporting injuries, which is inaccurate.

A Physiotherapist's goal is to restore lost function, treat pain and increase the quality of people's lives, which may have resulted from injury, age or illness. They are also responsible and involved in diagnosis, developing a treatment plan, working with and educating patients and much more which makes it an extremely rewarding and fulfilling healthcare career for the right people.

General Practitioner (GP)

General Practitioners Most of us have visited a GP at one time or another in our life for a variety of reasons, illnesses and treatments.

The General Practitioner is the first healthcare professional you'll come into contact with in Australia's healthcare system. And while you may think there are plenty of GPs in Australia you'd be mistaken. Once again thanks to a growing population and increased average lifespan with people living longer, careers as a General Practitioner in medicine are still highly needed and sought after by men and women.

Aged Care Nurse

Nurses For Aged Care As the name implies the core role and responsibility of being an Aged Care Nurse is to provide support and care to the elderly.

You'll usually find an Aged Care Nurse carrying his or her duties and employment through in-home care services, a hospital or nursing home.

An Aged Care Nurses role and career includes many responsibilities and tasks, which is part of the reason why careers, employment and advancement in Aged Care Nursing are in high demand. Other tasks and responsibilities Aged Care Nurses are responsible for subject to their experience and qualification can include but are not limited to Admission of patients to hospital, nursing home or other facility

Liaising with Doctors and other Nurses and staff Checking and changing a patient's wound dressings and checking other patients vitals such as their temperature Distribution and supervision of medication Providing support and advice to patients family members And many other duties, tasks and responsibilities

As you may know from first hand experience or have seen for yourself, a career in the healthcare industry as an Aged Care Nurse can be extremely rewarding. Aged Care Nursing can also be full of career advancement opportunities. With Australia's growing and ageing population, career opportunities in the healthcare industry as an Aged Care Nurse are sure to continue to rise and be in growing demand.

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