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How To Make Your Healthcare Resume Stand Out | Health Jobs Hub

How To Make Your Healthcare Resume Stand Out | Health Jobs Hub

How To Make Your Healthcare Resume Stand Out Tips and techniques

Tips and techniques for writing an awesome healthcare job application and getting an interview.

Whether you're a dentist, doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional, seeking employment while having the right qualifications and experience is paramount - so is having a winning healthcare resume or CV.

And with many positions vacant and competition for careers in the medical industry at an all time high, healthcare employers have a plethora of potential job candidates to choose from locally, nationally and internationally.

This is good and bad news. 

Like any role or job position you apply for, you need more than just the skills to land the job or role you want in the medical industry. Of course the first step, once you've found the medical job or position you want to apply for, is crafting a healthcare resume or CV that stands out and gets you the interview!

So how do you craft an attention getting healthcare resume to land the interview and medical role or career of your dreams? First, decide on the format you all use. Will you apply for your healthcare position using a resume or a Curriculum Vitae? What's the difference? Curriculum Vitae (CVs) are more commonly used by people applying for medical, academic and science or research related healthcare roles.

Some of these medical positions include but are not limited to:

  • Doctors positions
  • Dentists
  • Surgeons
  • Therapeutic job vacancies
  • Science and research
  • Healthcare position vacancies

A basic CV for a doctor as an example would include points such as:

  • Degrees Qualifications
  • Special training or study in any specific field
  • Internship or residency
  • Any awards, honours or publications they have featured in
  • Volunteer or community work

How long should your Curriculum Vitae (CV) for a medical position be? This will depend on factors such as your experience, the length of time you've been in your field and the qualifications you've acquired over that time.

Put simply, if you're an experienced doctor or nurse, your CV would contain more information and more pages than someone who has just graduated medical school with little or no experience.

Medical Resumes are usually used by people who are applying for non-medical positions within the healthcare industry.

These non-medical positions include but are not limited to:

  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • Maintenance
  • Purchasing
  • Human resources

Someone who is applying for a non-medical position will usually use a resume for a medical or healthcare position.

Other tips to crafting an attention grabbing healthcare resume or CV are:

Mention your caseload and what caseload you are used to working with. Write in terms of benefits and outcomes for your potential employer.

Online healthcare job vacancies if the online job forum allows, use a subject line that gets and piques your potential employers interest. The subject line is your headline and your chance to stand out! Use an info-graphic on your cover letter or part of your healthcare job application.

People think in pictures and healthcare employers are no different. 

Of course there are many more items and points to consider when you are looking for, or applying to, a job in the healthcare industry and want a resume or CV that grabs attention.

These points can include projects or tasks where you worked with different groups of people or professionals, your computer skills and knowledge of technology, whether or not you have mentored or lectured and other achievements both individually, collectively or in your community.

Good luck and let us know how you go.




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