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Writing an online healthcare job vacancies | Health Jobs Hub

Writing an online healthcare job vacancies | Health Jobs Hub

How To Write An Online Healthcare Job Vacancy

Ask any Healthcare employer about writing an online healthcare job vacancy and finding the right candidates and you all find a range of different strategies. Some will run an ad in the newspaper. Others use an online healthcare job posting service such as Healthcare Jobs Hub, others hire a recruitment agency and another segment will write and post their healthcare job vacancy online themselves.

Fact is finding and attracting the right type of medical candidates for your dental, medical or other healthcare job vacancy can be time intensive, frustrating and intimidating.

In addition if your medical job posting isn't written and seen by the candidates you all like to have applying for your healthcare job position, finding the right candidate will take even longer. With this in mind, below are a few tips, techniques and points to consider when writing an online healthcare job posting What type of role is it and will the healthcare professional be hard to find?

Before writing a single word ask yourself is the healthcare position you have vacant a specialist role or general role? Is the position you have available for a cardiac surgeon or a hospital maintenance role?

Our online healthcare job posting is more than just an ad

While many healthcare services see their online job listing as just an ad to find a staff member, your healthcare job vacancy is much more than that.

An online job posting for a healthcare position or any other industry for that matter is a reflection of your brand, business and the first impression any potential candidate gets of your business so make it count. Include keyword in healthcare job title - In the online world having a healthcare job title which has the keyword for the position vacant in it will help improve its reach and exposure to the right type of candidates. You need to motivate healthcare candidates to apply with an engaging job title and include your primary keyword in the job title.

Qualifications and Skills

The last thing you want to do when advertising your healthcare job vacancy is spend your time replying to candidates who do not have the necessary skills and qualifications for the position you have available. Make sure you state the qualifications and skills required to save yourself time, money and energy.

Where are your hottest healthcare candidates looking for jobs?

There’s an old adage in marketing that says you only market to where your hottest prospects are and are looking. So if you have a healthcare job vacancy, which is more suited to a younger audience, you can increase response by posting your healthcare position on social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Keep in mind this is providing you are comfortable with it and subject to the type of candidate you want to apply.

Career advancement rather than focusing solely on the medical job vacancy you have available it is always a good idea to include a short sentence or two about how the candidate will fit into your healthcare business in your online job vacancy. This gives the candidate insight into what they can do now and possible career advancement within your healthcare service or organisation and shows you as an employer are committed and focused on advancement for your employees.


Use video, info-graphics or other images and put people applying for your healthcare job vacancy in the picture

One of the greatest things you can do to attract the right type of candidates for your healthcare job vacancy is include a corporate video, infographic, staff member video testimonial or other image to put your candidate in the picture. Not only does it make your online medical job vacancy stand out but human beings think in pictures. This makes your online job vacancy more engaging and interesting and puts potential candidates in the picture.

Other core points to consider when writing your online healthcare job vacancy include but are not limited to

  • Salary
  • Position type - Part time or Full time, Internship
  • Role description
  • Tasks involved
  • Any computer or medical software skills required or that would be an advantage.
  • How you want candidates to apply for your medical job vacancy
  • Using words and terminologies your healthcare job candidates understand
  • The type of person the healthcare position you're advertising is best suited for
  • And a clear applications close date

Conclusion: By writing and posting a clear, concise and well-targeted online healthcare job vacancy you all be positioning your medical practice, department or service as the employer of choice for candidates. Additionally, you attract the right type of healthcare job seekers for the healthcare position you have available while saving time and energy by eliminating those unqualified.

We love to hear what you think. If you have any thoughts or experiences you all like to share on posting an online healthcare job vacancy we love to hear them so please leave your comments in the reply box below.

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