DNA Recruitment

DNA Medical stands as an Australian-owned and operated recruitment agency, dedicated to offering staffing solutions for healthcare professionals and medical facilities across the country. Collaborating closely with government health services and private clients, our committed team tirelessly strives to pair exceptional candidates with the perfect roles. In an era where medical providers and healthcare professionals face mounting pressures, striking this balance has become more crucial than ever.

The DNA Approach

We deeply acknowledge the significance of universal access to top-tier healthcare. Whether it's skilled practitioners based in central locations employing their diverse specialties or highly-trained rural generalists reaching the farthest regional communities, DNA Medical stands firm in providing comprehensive logistical support and essential local insights to ensure uninterrupted care.

Our Perspective on Medical Recruitment

Having supported Healthcare Professionals for over two decades, contributing to the delivery of critical care to communities, we've witnessed firsthand the remarkable enhancements in patients' quality of life. We are steadfast in upholding these same levels of care and values at the core of our operations. This translates into our commitment to ethical and professional conduct, mirroring the principles of those we proudly represent.